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Inventive spatial thinking meets cutting-edge tech

Boustead Geospatial Technologies (BGT) specialises in using inventive spatial thinking and best-of-breed software development to create new solutions that digitally reinvigorate industries, organisations and/or workflows.

At the very heart of BGT is an inherent urge to ‘invent a better future’. To understand this instinct, you only need to look to BGT’s parentage. The company’s life blood comes from a more than 190-year-old start up with a pedigree in engineering and a penchant for global exploration: Boustead Singapore. Boustead Singapore has literally shaped landscapes, brought new form to horizons, and established a legacy of thinking that fuels entrepreneurialism.

They have thrived despite enduring conflicts and revolutions – of the industrial, human and digital kind. And they have prospered in an age where unprecedented societal transformation occurred – all within a single generation.

Their journey has resulted in BGT being culturally hard-wired to both value and prioritise progression. So, it’s safe to say, that our connection with BGT helps us put the ‘smart’ into SmarterWX.

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