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Drive down your BYDA response costs

A smarter way to manage BYDA enquiries

When it comes to transforming your Before You Dig response workflows, SmarterWX Automate does exactly what it says on the tin. The Cloud-based solution works seamlessly with your existing GIS technology applications and tools to automate BYDA response workflows.

Accessed through an intuitive user interface, the application digitises essential BYDA response workflows, enabling asset owners to slash the time spent responding to enquiries.

But ‘time’ is not the only thing asset owners save. SmarterWX Automate does the job of many hands, essentially freeing up vital resources and driving down BYDA response costs.

Improve your BYDA enquiry response management

  • Elevate customer experienceDramatically improve the exchange of information between asset owner and enquirer.
  • Rapidly access informationKeep your team and stakeholders informed with accurate updates.
  • Strengthen asset protectionProtect your property from the negative side-effect of enquirer impatience – and a ‘dig and hope’ approach.
  • Free up your resourcesStreamline and automate typically manual tasks, so your team has more capacity to work on other high priority tasks.

The tech behind the Before You Dig referral service

The team behind SmarterWX Automate is the team behind Before You Dig Australia's referral service. As a key partner, BYDA and its members play an important role in setting the product roadmap for applications like SmarterWX Automate.

For us, we think it just makes sense to let the users of our technology have a big say in our R&D programs. Share R&D ideas »

Improve your BYDA processes

Interested to learn how SmarterWX Automate can streamline referral services?

SmarterWX Automate FAQs

Responding to BYDA enquiries can be automated to free up your internal resources from having to manage this process.

SmarterWX Automate is a Cloud-based application that receives and responds to enquiries on your behalf, eliminating the need for you to have dedicated personnel and resources to manage this process.

It also allows your organisation to respond to enquiries in a timely manner — ultimately ensuring your assets remain protected.

SmarterWX Automate assumes responsibility for enquiry responses and data sharing —moving the workload of producing a map from your servers to the SmarterWX Automate Cloud.

The email referral sent by in response to a enquiry is received by SmarterWX Automate, which then generates the customised response to be sent to the enquirer on your behalf — including the relevant maps and documents.

With the entire process taking place in the SmarterWX Cloud, there are no requests or links to your internal IT or GIS systems.

As a Cloud-based application, SmarterWX Automate works seamlessly with existing GIS solutions — which eliminates the need for complex, data-sharing workflows.

You can schedule data synchronisations between your GIS services and SmarterWX Automate — streamlining your asset data maintenance process and saving you from having to export data to a file and then upload it to SmarterWX.

This level of integration streamlines processes, allows for more efficient operations, and enables your organisation to maintain an efficient, single source of asset data.

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