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Before You Dig referral service

The tech behind the BYDA referral service

SmarterWX Sentinel is the beating heart of the Before You Dig Australia (BYDA) referral service – an essential piece of digital infrastructure protecting more than A$388 billion of critical underground assets.

Before You Dig's damage prevention service lives up to the headlines, deploying some seriously clever tech to streamline and optimise the lodging, management and response to dig enquiries.

With SmarterWX Sentinel, you can:

  • See real-time dig and enquiry activity dashboards
  • Seamlessly integrate all key BYDA data with your existing GIS
  • Self-configure settings to an define area of interest, update contact details and manage how enquiries are received
  • Explore new ways of integrating BYDA into your services

A smarter way of accessing BYDA

  • Easily track the status of enquiries

    Provide greater transparency into the status of enquiries.

  • Show response wait times

    Manage expectations with estimated timelines for responses.

  • Visualise information in intuitive web maps

    Provide users with access to information based on location.

  • Search via map-based functions

    Locate enquiries and responses quickly and easily.

  • Automatically renew for long-term jobs

    Save time and reduce project risk with auto renewals.

  • Enjoy a better BYDA experience

    A redesigned and intuitive interface improves the user experience.

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A new approach to BYDA

While the tech behind the service is cutting-edge, ‘how’ the system works is quite simple. Essentially, SmarterWX Sentinel acts like a broker.

It learns where enquirers are planning to dig, then passes this information on to asset owners, so their systems can check if there are any underground assets at the specified location. A report of the findings is then issued directly to the enquirer.

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User-driven roadmap

The SmarterWX Sentinel product roadmap is largely designed from BYDA member feedback.

Of course we have included a few big ideas of our own but, to us, it just makes sense to let the people who rely on SmarterWX Sentinel have a say in its R&D. Have an idea? Connect with us »

Before You Dig's digital transformation

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SmarterWX Sentinel FAQs

All BYDA response automation solutions will work with the referral service running on SmarterWX Sentinel.

If you are looking to replace your existing solution, SmarterWX Automate is a GIS-centric, DBYD enquiry response automation application.

As a cloud-based application, SmarterWX Automate works seamlessly with your existing GIS solutions.

This frees up your internal systems and eliminates the need for complex, data-sharing workflows, making it easier for you to maintain up-to-date asset data.

If you’re looking to streamline the flood of emails you receive in response to an enquiry, SmarterWX Locate replaces your inbox for receiving and collating responses.

Once all enquiry responses are received, SmarterWX Locate will send you a single notification to view them.

This gives you the confidence that you are equipped with comprehensive information about your dig site.

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